Football Focus

Football is going good except for the fact I didn’t play too well at passing league last week. I think it’s because I’m a little stressed from all the work at school because I just wasn’t myself last Wednesday, and I didn’t play as much.

Right now we have just begun our dead period where we don’t have any practice or anything until July 29, when the first official practice of the season begins.

We received our helmets last week, and I was super excited about that because I got a brand new Schutt Air xp with the stickers still on it and everything.

I took it home and put a robot facemask on it and my visor from last year. It reminds me a lot of the helmet I scored three touchdowns in last year. The helmet was different, but I had the same facemask and visor on.

I played amazing that game, with one 80 yard kick return and two long receiving touchdowns.

I had almost 200 yards of total offense in that one game and it is a game that has stuck with me ever since, and that’s why I was so focused on getting the exact mask I had in that game because right before that game is when I switched to that mask from a regular 3 bar mask.

I can’t wait for real practice because that’s when we find out who’s serious and who’s not so it should be a great time.