The Expressologist

“Get a little love with your latte,” boasts the cover of The Expressologist.

Wouldn’t that be interesting?

You go into your favorite coffee shop like the characters do, order a drink, and someone (in this case, the protagonist, seventeen-year-old Jane Turner) examines your order and tells you who is likely to be the man or woman of your dreams.

What a cute book idea!

It’s a lighthearted look at frappycaps, love, and friendship that will probably have you chuckling, or at least craving for caffeine. The recipes, interview with the author, Kristina Springer, and sneak peek at the first chapter of her book, My Fake Boyfriend is Better than Yours, which was published in 2010, were a bonus.

Disclosure: I asked the publisher for a copy of this book. You can see the book trailer on the author's site.