I did it. I got a Nookcolor. But I don’t have any books yet.

Well, actually, I haven’t even turned it on, but I’m going to! I’m not in a hurry because I am a book sniffer, and the thought of snuggling up with a machine while reading passages from my favorite novel (To Kill a Mockingbird) is as appealing to me as confessing my love over the static-filled line of a cell phone.

Oh, well, I guess in the end, if the book is really good, a machine will not matter, and if the person I love, says I love you, too, static will not hinder the happiness and relief I’ll feel.

Um, I think I’ll download my first book today. I hear I can get several classics for 3 bucks. The question is what does B&N consider classic. Oh, well, that’s a subject for another blog.