Get lucky; read a book

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"If we are lucky each of us has, in our reading lives, a book that leaves us forever changed, a book that causes us to think about ourselves before and after we met the characters and ideas on the page." ~~Pamela K. Coke


So What?
Coke sums up why I wanted to become an English teacher, why I write this blog, and why I have chosen to write articles and books about authors and their work.

I am convinced my life would have taken a different turn had it not been for books read during adolescence that changed me forever.

I can’t thank all those responsible, but thanks, especially to,
Mama, who put the first book in my hand.
*Ms. Artis
Maya Angelou (autobiographical series)
Mildred D. Taylor (e.g., Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry)
Malcolm X (autobiography)
Judy Blume (e.g., Tiger Eyes)

“It's in My Hands: Creating a Space for Nonfiction in the Literature Classroom," Signal Journal, 31.2, Fall 2008, p. 20-24.

*Ms. Artis was my eighth grade English and French teacher.