“I hate school but love education”

I keep thinking about the videoclip below from Youtube. My friend Joseph sent it to me yesterday.

There have been times when I've felt like the poet.
And times when I've been guilty of what the poet suggests.

As a teacher, a mother, a learner-- I am guilty. 

from Google
As a teacher, I often wish my students would embrace the ideas we're sharing instead of thinking about grades.

As a mother, I wish I could be consistent instead of telling Z things like, "Did you do your best?" "Are you really learning?" "Follow your passion." one moment. Then, later I might say, "You've got to get these grades up." "I want you to get into somebody's college."

As a learner, I've rushed through books, lectures, whole courses, without taking the time to digest, to embrace, to savor the topic, realize the learning.


Enough about me.

Here's the video.