Football 7on7

Last week, we started doing 7on7, which is like a condensed version of football with no pads, no hitting and no offensive line.

It's primarily for the QBs and WRs to get used to working together and playing with one another so when the season comes everyone will click better and be able to make plays.

It also gives the coaches a chance to view players' individual skill sets, their talent, and things they need to work on.

7on7 can make or break a player.

 It can show off his ability to tear a defensive secondary apart or reveal his weaknesses. Regardless, it reveals everyone’s weaknesses and strengths pre training camp so coaches can see progression and improvement in players.

We  had the week of exams off from practicing, but we practiced at the end of the week because we were traveling to Yorktown to compete in a 7on7 tournament against other high schools. I was kind of nervous because I know I can do well, but I have to focus on certain things like getting off press coverage quickly and effectively and making sure I have no drops.

I really wanted to impress the coaches and show them that when it's game time, I’m focused and ready to make plays so that I’ll have the opportunity to do the same thing in real games this fall.

My goal for this season is 6 or more touchdowns total and 500+ yards receiving to get my name out there and poise me for a much bigger senior season.

I feel so many different emotions.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

My heart is almost beating out of my chest just typing about it because I know how important this is for my future as a football player.

I’ll be going over plays and learning the routes tonight so I have no questions when its game time...

Just answers.