Excited About Reading Just Another Hero

Za'id is so excited about Sharon M. Draper's new book, Just Another Hero. He hasn't stopped talking about it. "Tell Ms. Draper it's a classic, Mom," he says. I laugh. Next he says, "Mom, I wish she had written more about Jericho." I tell him what I remember about a conversation with Ms. Draper about that very thing. Za'id and I both fell in love with Jericho when he first appeared in The Battle of Jericho. Za'id and I are sharing Just Another Hero. I'm only on page 40, but he's almost done. It's killing him to keep quiet about who is doing all of the stealing and what's going to happen to Arielle. He shouts from his room, "Have you got to the part where Eddie Mahoney comes back?" "No, and don't tell me about it," I yell. When he goes to sleep, Just Another Hero, will be all mine.