Frank Portman has a new book?

I’ve got to read it. It’s titled Andromeda Klein. It’s written from a female’s perspective, I think. Is there a literary work at the center of it? This ought to be interesting.

I’ve listened to King Dork twice within a year because Portman’s commentary on education cracks me up. Portman’s actually a musician. I’m not even sure why I feel so connected to the book. Is it because I see myself as an English teacher? Is it because I recognize the Catcher Cult? Is it because I find the boomer generation boring? Is it because I used to pretend I was in a band when I really wasn’t? Is it because I have experience creating song names but no songs? Is it because I saw through adults when I was a teen? Is it because I’m searching for self?
Probably Not.
The CD includes a short interview with Portman about how he came to write a YA novel and about whether the main character, Tom Henderson, mirrors Portman’s life. I don’t know much about music, so I’m not sure of the quality of the songs included on the CD, but I do like the fact that Portman felt compelled to write the lyrics from Tom’s perspective.