Science Fiction Agony

I have been in science fiction pain ever since this book, that shall remain nameless, landed on my doorstep. I tried several times to get into this book. I have reread the first 5 pages several times only to start thinking about eating graham goldfish (the cinnamon kind), throwing clothes in the dryer, and saying forget it; I’m going to watch the gossip shows that come on at 7pm. Finally, on Saturday, I buckled done and started taking notes on each page. This must be what students feel when they are forced to read books someone makes them read. Unless you are a book critic or a judge for a book award, when is someone in the real world ever going to select a book for you? Let people choose the books they want to read. But I do consider myself a book critic, so I do have to read this book whether I like it or not. What’s funny is I am finally liking it, but what about all of the time I wasted trying to get to the point of liking it? I could have finished The Graveyard Book and The Hunger Games, two books I’m anxious to get back to, by now.