Wimpy Kid Hits Home

Back in the summer, someone (or maybe he picked it up at Barnes & Noble) gave Za’id a postcard that said Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days—Reserve your copy today. Due out October 12th. He showed me the card and explained that we needed to reserve a copy right away because he’s read the other 3 and he just has to read the 4th one too. Being the good mother that I am, I waved him away and said, “We are not reserving a copy; we will get it from the library when it is released.” He said, “OK,” and put the card in the car. In the back of his mind he was probably already thinking he’d purchase it himself or figure out a way to talk me into it. Similarly, I was already thinking, we’ll just buy it when it comes out. Well, it was released a few weeks ago. When Za’id looked at the Target circular a few Sundays ago, he discovered Target would have them on that Tuesday for a good price. Of course he shared this information with me. I was scheduled to meet some people at Barnes & Noble on that Wednesday so we’d compare prices. We ended up getting the book from Target on Wednesday night because Za’id said he couldn’t go another day without it. “I’ll read this book tonight, mom. It’s so funny and easy to read.” He read it and thought it was hilarious.