Blogging 'Cause It's Fun

I feel like Julie from the movie Julie & Julia. Is anyone reading my blog? I told Za’id I have some followers. He said, “How many?” with a tone that said he thought I bribed some people (students maybe?).
“14,” I answered.
He said, “Um, call me when you get 100.” I laughed.

I started the blog because I am considering using it as a teaching strategy in my Approaches to Teaching Literature & Writing Class. Since I do not like to require anything I haven’t tried myself, I took the plunge back in September. And here I am. I will spend Christmas break reading research and teacher strategy books about using blogs. By the time school starts, I will determine if I am ready to include blogging in my classes. I like blogging. It’s writing practice for me.  I’m keeping this record of what it is like to learn to inspire my son to keep reading and writing; inspire myself to learn to teach even though I am not a teacher at all: I’m a learner; and inspire myself to keep writing because that’s what I’m crazy about right now.
If anyone is reading my blog and has an article or book they think I should read about using blogs in the classroom, please let me know.