Invictus with Z

I hope Morgan Freeman gets the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture. I liked the movie.

I was not able to change Z’s mind about it. He just didn’t like it.

Before Leaving the House:

K: Ok, we’re going to see Invictus at noon.

Z: Do we have to?

K: Yes, but what would you like to see?

Z: I don’t know.

K: You think about it and we’ll go see the movie you want to watch tomorrow.

Z: OK. (His face is balled up as if K has asked him to go pick butterbeans or do some type of other difficult work.)

At the Theatre

K: This movie is going to be good.


K: Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors. I’ve loved him since I was in Kindergarten and watched him on Electric Company.


They enter the theatre.

Z: It sure is crowded.

K gives Z a threatening look. She wants to elbow him a little to let him know that he will not ruin this movie for her.

Z & K both laugh at the preview of the upcoming movie with Chris Rock in it.

The movie begins.

K is engrossed in the movie.

Z is engrossed in the popcorn.

About half way through the movie Z says, “Is it almost over?”



K: In tears when they sing the national anthem, she looks over at Z. He is asleep.

In the Car on the Way Home

K: I still can’t believe how Mandela could forgive all of that.

Z: “Throw your guns and your knives into the sea.” (In an exaggerated South African accent.) That was the best line in the movie.

K: That was an educational film. I wanted you to learn more about Mandela.

Z: The movie would have been better if I’d known more about Rugby.

K: That was another opportunity to use the movie to learn about something new.

Z: Mom, it’s Christmas Break. I don’t want to learn.