K tries to engage Z in conversations 1

While reading Dirty Little Secrets, K tried to engage Z in conversations about it.

Caution: K & Z’s conversations reveal some details about the plot.

Conversation 1 (Z had just finished his homework.)

K: You said they’re living in turmoil and she thinks that if she calls 911—

Z: People are going to see what her life is like. She’s worried about her friends—Phil’s going to lose his girlfriend, his job, whatever.

K could see Z was not interested in talking, so K changed the subject.

Conversation 2 after homework (Z had been reading the book for a few days.)

K: So, what do you think of the book so far?

Z: It’s pretty good.

K: What keeps you wanting to read it?

Z: I want to know if her mom’s dead body is going to start stinking.

K & Z laugh at this bizarre motivation for reading.

K: Well, what questions—

Z: Mom, if we’re going to talk in here, I’m going to need to watch some TV.

K: (Laughs.) OK, I just have this one last question. You don’t wonder anything else (about the book)?

Z: I want to know what’s going to happen with cleaning. Is she going to get everything cleaned up? Mom, I want an extra 10 minutes on my bedtime because you held me up for this interview.

K: (Laughs.) You don’t wonder anything else?

Z: Nope. That’s it.

K: Here’s what I wonder. I wonder how did her mother die.

Z: Didn’t she collapse under her own stuff? Didn’t all the stuff fall on her? Mom, I get to brush my teeth at 9:45p.m.

K: (Accepting that the discussion is over) OK.