Z&I can never wait until Valentine’s Day to eat our candy. (It's a family tradition.) We ate it last night. OK, we have 2 pieces left. We love anything sweet, so this holiday is a gold mine for us.

We also love books. OK, I love books; Z loves Xbox.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is a great day to browse Love: Selected Poems by e. e. cummings with art work by Christopher Myers.

The collection has 19 poems by cummings. I like the poem that begins, “may i feel said he/ (i’ll squeal said she/just once said he)/it’s fun said she….”

The artwork is interesting. My favorite photograph is of a guy’s back filled with colorful butterflies. The double-page spread that tears the girls face and the page in half is nice too. On the left page, her eyes stare at me above an ocean. On the right, the sky is just above her nose and earlobes.

While I’m thinking about Love, I think about stories in

What They Found: Love on 145th Street

By Walter Dean Myers.

Za’id read this book a few months ago even though I did not think he’d like it because it was about relationships. What do I know?

He must have found something in one of the fifteen stories that interested him. In the end, I’m not that surprised. Many of the stories are funny, and he read and liked Myers’s 145th Street that features some of the same characters.

Happy Valentine’s Day!