My Paper is Epic

Z: My paper is going to be so epic.

K: What makes it epic?

Z: It has 5 paragraphs.

K: The length makes it epic?

Z: No. I explained everything I said. I even ended with a Bible quote.

K: You know a Bible quote?

Z: Yeah.

K looks incredulously. K & Z go to church, but she wasn’t sure he heard anything.
Z: Well, I didn’t really know it was from the Bible. Wikipedia told me.

K: Uh, you went to Wikipedia for a Bible quote?

Z: No. I just googled “The truth shall set you free” and it took me to Wikipedia. It’s in the Bible. In John I think.

K, who is sitting under a hair dryer so she cannot go to the computer to verify all of this, decides it’s best to just nod in agreement.

Z: Let’s put it this way. The paper sounds like a real author wrote it. Maybe all that reading is paying off. I started to wait until the last minute to do this paper.

K is thinking, you did.

K: Are you going to enter the contest?

Z: I don’t know. Teacher says it’s optional. She says it should probably have a title if you submit it.

K: Since it’s epic, you should submit it. A title is the easy part.

Z: I can’t think of anything. “Honesty is Key” ?

K: Maybe. There is an obvious one (title).

Z: “The Truth Shall Set You Free”?

K nods.

Z: My paper is epic.

K doesn’t know if she buys this epic business.

K: Read the paper to me then.

Z changes the subject to science.

K continues to wait for the conditioner to soften her hair.