Z writes a mystery 1

Early January 2010

K goes to the school web site and learns Z has to write a mystery. She decides to ask him about this assignment.

K: A mystery story is due on February 1st.

Z: I know.

K: Let’s get started then.

Z: I never write this early.

K: You don’t?

Z: No, 2 weeks before is my limit.

A week before February 1st.

Text Message Exchange Between K & Z on January 25, 2010, 3:17pm

Z: Yeah now i got to get grammar (The mystery paper is due in grammar and composition class.) started.

K: How’s that coming?

Z: I have a storyline it’s going to be a mystery set in school

K: What’s the conflict?

Z: Idk

K: Who are the characters?

Z: Idk yet.

K: What’s going to happen?

Z: Something is stolen

K: What?

Z: That remains to be seen.

K: Well, you better get to seeing it soon.

Z: Ok i will

End of Text Message at 3:35pm

Homework Time after BB Practice Z sits at the computer

K: Where are the assignment sheets the teacher gave you?

Z: At school.

K is not pleased.