Help the NWP! Dear Colleague Letters Circulating on Capitol Hill

From Grant Faulkner

The Senate and House Dear Colleague letters are now circulating on Capitol Hill, so we need you to contact your representatives and urge them to support the NWP. Please join the effort:;

Call your representatives to ask for their signatures on the FY 2011 NWP House Dear Colleague Letter. The deadline is Friday, March 12. Your representative can sign the letter by contacting Alexandria (Ria) Ruiz in Representative George Miller's office at 202-225-3725.

Additionally, the NWP Senate Dear Colleague letter, sponsored by Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), is now circulating. The deadline for signatures is April 9, so in addition to calling and emailing your senators, many of you will be able to make your request for support in person at the NWP Spring Meeting.

Your senator can sign the Dear Colleague letter by contacting Barbara Pryor in Senator Rockefeller's office or Emily Ferris in Senator Wicker's office. ONLY SENATORS OR THEIR AIDES, NOT NWP SITE LEADERS, SHOULD CONTACT BARBARA OR EMILY.

Find contact information for your representatives at; or email

If your representative cannot or will not sign, please ask if he/she can support NWP in other ways, such as writing a separate letter of support.

And be sure to spread the word by posting this in your status updates, blogging, and tweeting.