Junk Food Hangover

Z went to a sleepover birthday party Saturday night.

Sunday @ noon.

K enters the house after calling Z on the cell phone to tell him to come outside and get the grocery bags.

Z’s Dad: You know he’s sick, right?

K: No, What happened? (K panics when Z is sick-- from a runny nose to a tummy ache—she can’t handle it)

Z slowly walks into the kitchen. K starts touching his forehead.

K: Do you have any cold symptoms?

Z shakes his head.

K: What did you eat? What did you drink?

Z’s Dad: They ate junk. They stayed up until 4:00am.

K: 4:00am?

Z’s Dad: He threw up 3 times at his their house and 1 time since we’ve been back.

K: What did you drink? Did you drink soda?

Z’s Dad: He drank soda. Too many.

K: Did you forget that you were not supposed to drink sodas?

Z’s Dad: No, he didn’t forget.

K: What did you eat?

Z: Girl Scout Cookies, pizza, chips.

K groans.

K: Did you eat a large amount?

Z: A considerable amount.

Z’s Dad: They stayed up until 4:00am.

Z: I need to lie down.

Z’s Dad: 4:00am (Later Z told K they decided to lie down at 4:00am but did not actually go to sleep until 5:30am.)

K: SILENCE. (K's thinking Z is a party animal that must be tamed.)