Reading Magazines is Fine, or Is It?

For 2 nights Z reads a stack of Slam magazines (He arranged them from the oldest to the latest edition.).

For 2 nights K sticks her head inside Z’s room and sees him reading a copy of Slam and notices the stack just inches away.

K: What are you reading? What happened to Standing Against the Wind [by Traci Jones] and that other book [You Don't Even Know Me: Stories and Poems about Boys by Sharon Flake] you were reading?

Z: I forgot about those.

For 2 nights K tries to pretend it doesn’t matter.

K: Reading magazines is fine.

The morning after night #2 K can’t take it anymore.

Must find another book he can’t put down, she thinks.

Is K obsessed? Probably.

On the car ride home:

K: I’m nervous because you’re not reading a book.

Z: I’ve got my magazines.

K: I think we need to take a trip to the library.

Z: We can go today.

K: Let’s go to Greenbrier.

Z: OK, I’m curious about their new look. (Greenbrier was redecorated about 2 weeks ago.)

K: Me, too. (K saw the first floor a few days ago but didn’t have time to really explore.)

At the Library:

K heads straight to the YA section.

Z: Where’s the music?

K: I thought this trip was about books.

Z: Yeah, but where’s the music?

K finds a book. Reads the first page and knows Z will like it.

K: Here, you’ll like it. Read the first page.

Z: Does it have cursing?

K nods, but later explains it’s the voice that tells her if he’ll like a book or not.

After skimming magazines, K & Z leave the library with 2 books [Black and White by Paul Volponi & Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia] and no CDs
[The CD section didn't meet Z's standards].