Another Mockingbird?

Z is holding K’s copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (He defaced his own when it was held hostage in the bottom of his book bag.) because he has a test on the novel.

K: Was there another mockingbird?

Z: Boo Radley.

K: How did you know? Did your teacher tell you?

Z: ‘Cause that sheriff said if they told the town about what Boo did, all the ladies would make him cakes and visit him and stuff.

It [To Kill a Mockingbird] was good but like most books, sort of disappointing.

I kind of like to know the whole perception of Ewell’s death.

K: What do you think they’d [the citizens of Maycomb] say?

Z: A lot of them would be like, “Good riddance”. Most of them didn’t like him anyway. Maybe that’s why they [Harper Lee] didn’t say anything ‘cause they [the author] figure you’d know that anyway.

K just nods and types what Z’s just said.

Z: Now you should write Za’id is getting ready to eat his fruit in rigorous preparation for AAU [some type of basketball program] practice.

Write that down, Mom.

K just looks up at him and laughs even though she knows he’s serious.