I Learned Something Yesterday

My friend, Yonghee Suh, and I went to the Chrysler Museum.

I hadn’t been since Z and I saw the black church exhibit a few years ago. I think it was called “Soul Sanctuary”. Yesterday, we enjoyed “Women of the Chrysler: A 400-Year Celebration of the Arts”. Yonghee took this picture of me in front of this wall filled with photos of women. I chose this lady because I thought she looked like Patricia Turner, one of the Norfolk 17.

I cracked up when I saw this piece titled “New Years Eve” by Marion Greenwood. Yonghee and I both thought the lady looked disappointed. Yonghee dialed the number so I could hear what the narrator, Nataki Hill, had to say about the piece. I cracked up again because she said the lady looked like she was saying, What are we doing here?, or something like that. I bet students could write interesting stories, especially dialogue, inspired by this lithograph.
When I saw this one, “A Pregnant Woman Just Before Her Death, Greene County, Alabama, May 4, 1966,” I wanted to know what happened to the lady. Who is she? Why did she die?
I like this one the best.

All photos are by Yonghee Suh.