Take Kobious notes

K: Are you going to work on the notes for geography now? (Z has an open note geography test tomorrow, and K’s afraid he’s going to blow it off because he’s done this in the past.)

Z: (Laughs)Yes.

K: Well, whatcha laughing for?

Z: ‘Cause you’re like are you going to finally get to what really needs to be done? (Z has spent 20 minutes on the Internet trying to find NBA players and sports teams logos to decorate his new binder preceded by 30 minutes of organizing the new binder.)

K: You had better take copious notes.

Z: Kobious notes? Is that why they call Kobe Bryant Kobe because he’s so précise?

K: C-O-P-I-O-U-S.

Z: Well, I’m going to say Kobious.

K laughs. Z goes to take Kobious notes, but realizes he has not completed his literature homework.