Conversations with my nephew: What about college?

K: Hi, M. How was your week?

M: (He laughs.) Fine.

K knows M is laughing because he only attended one day of school this week because it was closed for vacation.

K: You know education is really important. Your mom and I want you to do well so you can go to college.

M: I don’t want to go to college.

K: Yes you do.

M: I’m going to be a mechanic.

K: Mechanics need good educations, too.

M: They do?

K: Yes, they do.

M: They fix stuff.

K: Sometimes they have to write stuff. They have to know math, too.

M: I know math.

K: Yes, you do, but you need to learn more math to be a mechanic.

M thinks this over and then discusses how he just does not like the teachers at his school. Is M just plan bored in class or is something else going on?