Conversations with my nephew: Wimpy Kids

I go to bed early, so I try to get phone calls completed before it gets dark. This is a problem for my conversations with my nephew because he stays outside playing until the streetlights come on. Sometimes I get lucky and it’s raining. That’s what happened a few weeks ago.

K: Well, Malik, how did it go this week?

M: OK. I don’t like school. Those teachers are mean. Those teachers are boring.

K: Well, you know what we talked about. You have to do your best and be respectful to the teachers.

M: I know, I know. My dad wants me to do well.

K: Yes, we all do.

M: Where is Za’id? OK, don’t tell me, with his dad?

K: (laughing) He’s in his room this time.

M & K talk some more.

K: Well, is there anything else you want to talk about before I get off the phone?

M: Wimpy Kids.

K: Which one?

M: The first one.

K: OK. I will get you a copy. You will get it in June.

M: Next week?

K: Next month.

M: That’s like next year.

K: Well, Malik, sometimes it takes a while. You might get it sooner, but I don’t want you to start going to the mailbox tomorrow looking for it.

M: OK.

Conversation with Z about Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

K asked Z if he wanted to give his copy of the first Wimpy kid book to M, but Z said no.

K: Why are you looking like that?

Z: I feel bad now. You asked me for the book, but I have to say no.

K: It’s not a problem. It’s your book; you can keep it. If you didn’t want it anymore, then you could give it away, but if you do, keep it. It’s simple. I’ll just get M his own copy.

Z likes to keep series that he loves and K knows it. This is an adolescent who still has his collection of Dr. Seuss books and held on to his Arthur (by Marc Brown) books for as long as he could before donating them to his grandmother’s daycare.