Portfolio Madness

I was steaming mad at Z (and me) earlier this week. Why? I saw his portfolio. The teacher’s remarks indicated that he did very little to revise the pieces he put in it. He did not want help with his portfolio, but I should have still asked him questions about the changes he made, but I didn’t.

K: You did not make some major changes.

Z: I did change it.

K: You did not adhere to the essence of the assignment.

Z: She said it’s a good story.

K: Yeah, but you really didn’t write the type of paper she assigned.

Z: I got an “A” on the portfolio.

I’m going to use the privacy card here, so I will not print my response. Let’s just say an “A” means nothing to me when I don’t think he got the concept being taught.

Did he just choose not to read the teacher’s comments?

Did he read the comments and refused to rework the paper?

I’m not sure. I do know he knows he should have revised, but it seems to me that he chose to only focus on surface errors.