Texting at the Library

The Virginia Beach Library (and other libraries too, probably) have a new (Well, it’s new to me.) feature. When you’re searching for materials, you can text the information to yourself. No more looking under the chair for fallen pens. No more putting your hand in the box by the computer only to find that patrons have taken the last little pencil.

When I looked up books by Natalie Goldberg, I saw “Text it” by the items I'm interested in. Try it. When you click on “Text it,” you see “Text It! Why write it down when you can send it to your mobile phone??” (with two question marks, for emphasis? Or is it a typo? Who knows?)

Will the need to write soon disappear? Will pencil making companies shut down? Should I start hoarding pens and Sharpies before they become extinct? (OK, maybe I’m going overboard, but how would you feel if everything was changing around you?)