Z gets his final silver pen

Z’s composition teacher gives silver pens to outstanding authors all throughout the year. During the award ceremony on the last day of school, she gives out a really special (That’s what Z says, but they look the same to me.You can see for yourself; just click on Z's Corner on my Blog) silver pen to certain writers. I love this idea because it motivates Z to write well in a way I could never pull off no matter how much I try to encourage him.

A few days before the award ceremony…

Z: This time I actually get to go up there and get my silver pen. This one is going to be special. It’s not the one we get during the year.

K nods.

Z: Last year when I won (He got the Voice Award) I just got a regular silver pen because I was too sick to go to the ceremony.

K nods, amazed that Z does not consider for a moment that he might not get the award. She wonders if she should say something like, “Winning isn’t everything. You should just be the best writer you can be.”

Z: This year it’s the special pen!

Awards Ceremony 2010

Mrs. Teacher goes to the stage and starts calling names for wonderful writing. When K doesn’t hear Z’s name, she starts formulating her motivational speech. Then the teacher calls out the Future Newbery Winner awards. Z goes to the stage and gets his silver pen and is dubbed a future Newbery Winner.

K is impressed and happy she doesn’t have to go somewhere and find a bigger and better silver pen than the teacher gave the winners to give to Z. Nope, he earned it from his teacher.

Next year, Z is moving on up to be an upperclassmen (OK, the school stops at 8th grade and I wanted to be poetic/dramatic.) and he’s leaving Mrs. Teacher behind to inspire other writers. She will be missed.