July 1 at the SI

Usually everything at the Summer Institute goes down in Room 150, but today Lois took us on a Writing Marathon. What’s a writing marathon? It comes from Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones.

It’s not about writing well, thank goodness. It’s supposed to be about going out in small groups to different places and writing what you want. You might write about what you see, hear, and smell. It’s also about sharing. No judgment or praise is offered. The person reads, the group members say thank you, and then the next reader begins.

It seems like everywhere I went I tried to write in a form instead of freeing myself to write what I noticed about me. Here’s one thing I wrote about what I saw, well, at least it started with what I saw, at a restaurant on campus.

A boy and a girl. Who are they? Blue for him black and white zebra stripes for her. A table, a smile between them as they type away on laptops and cell phone qwerty keyboards and chatter back and forth about art, literature, and should this relationship move on to the next level or is this it? He wonders if she’ll pack up the laptop and should he close the cell phone case, move the table to get closer or put up a wall instead.