July 12 at the SI Part 1

David asked, “What do you know about the depression?”

K wrote: the Dust Bowl; stock market crash; after the roaring 20s; poverty; bread lines; suicide; governmental assistance

David shows a picture of a woman with children and we are told to write from the perspective of one of the people in the picture. I chose the girl with her hand over her mouth.

Here's what I wrote:
Oh, my God. Is that Dad? What happened to him? Is he bleeding? The sheriff’s voice pierced through my thoughts, “Madame, there was an incident.”

“An incident?” Mama asks.

“It seems that your husband was caught stealing food at the Dew Drop in.”

“That’s no reason to drag him home like an animal.”

The sheriff took off his hat and bowed his head. “Ma’am the owner shot him in the hindquarter. This was the only way I could get him here.”

“You people are heartless.”

David called time and I had to stop. David teaches persona writing in his history class.