Poetry about Love Ones on July 15 at the SI Part 2

Tina teaches me how to write prose and transform it into a poem. I didn’t get to the poem part, though I tried because I wanted to write a piece about PB&J for the potluck. Here’s what I wrote at the Summer Institute:

Love is Sundays at Grandma’s after church. We’d rip off our

Sunday clothes and bum a ride or walk to Grandma’s.

I would burst through her front door

and into her warm arms. My cousins were there,

too, sitting at the foot of her recliner listening to stories

till snack time

when an older kid would

go into the kitchen, pull down Grandma’s homemade strawberry jelly

and the Jif

while us younger kids got in line to claim our sandwiches.

Looking back, those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were

riches Grandma gave to her family.