3 Reasons to Read Mindblind by Jennifer Roy

1. You will root for the main character, Nathaniel Clark, as he searches for ways to use his talents to reach genius status. (At 13 years old he was a senior in college and a few years before that he aced his AP exams, including the one in Mandarin, so he’s well on his way as far as I’m concerned.)

2. You will learn something about Asperger’s Syndrome.

3. You will find out what mindblind, neurotypical, and echolalia refers to. (Not that you do not know these terms already, this could be a refresher.)

Please Note: This book is by the author who brought us Yellow Star. Please read it if you are looking for historical fiction.
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Full disclosure: I was asked to review this book for a journal and decided to share thoughts about it here.