Wanted! Tips for Keeping an Adolescent Organized

The other day Z came to the startling realization (I say this to him every year, mind you.) that he may be a bit disorganized when it comes to school work.

Z: Mom, I’ve got to get organized.

K: I know.

Z: I could probably do a lot better in school if I was organized. I’m already killing; (Please read killing as making “A’s” and “B’s”.) just think what I’d do if I were organized like other kids.

K: I can’t imagine. What do you think you need? What would help you organize your papers?

Z: Folders. I need folders in my binders. Not those flimsy pockets that are in the binders.

K: Oh. Let’s get them. When you come home, I’ll take you to a store and you can choose the things you think will keep you organized.

This shopping spree is unlikely to work because we need a strategic plan. If you have experience with this, please tell me what to do (or buy) to help my son stay organized this upcoming school year.