What did your child read for Summer Reading?

What did your child read for Summer Reading? Did you read it too? Z read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

I started reading it, too, because I couldn’t remember it, but I’m having a hard time finishing it.

Z and I talked about the book several times. 

One day when he was reading chapter 10 he called.

Z: Mom, it’s all the same after awhile. They’re doing the same stuff.

K: Silence. (She agrees.)

Another time he texted me.

Z: Mom, Piggy died!

I called him.

K: How do you feel?

Z: I’m OK. I don’t know why they killed Piggy. He was the smartest one.

K: Remember how I said Golden might be saying something about human behavior? How we might be capable of evil at the core?

Z: They seemed evil all over, not at the core. Now Ralph realizes how valuable Piggy was.

Unfortunately, I’m still on chapter 3 because I’ve been distracted by other books.