K Yells


K: Do you have much homework?

Z: No, not really.

Saturday at about noon

K: You really should get started on that project that’s due next week.

Z's silent, except for the sound of Madden on X-box.

Saturday during the Michigan vs. Michigan State Game

K: Who’s Michigan losing to?

Z: Very funny, Mom.

K: Well, I’ve got lots to do. I’m stopping by the library and heading to several stores.

Z's silent, except for the loud glare that says, “Mom, my team is losing an important game; I need silence.”

Saturday at 9:30pm

K is in her pajamas, seated in a recliner, hoping that within a few minutes of watching Cop Out she will fall blissfully to sleep.

Z: Mom, I need a two liter soda bottle. Mr. M says we need to bring an empty one in on Monday.

K: WHAT!!!

Z looks at K as if he has no idea why she’s frowning or yelling. He is totally unaware that he should have mentioned this sooner. He might have even planned it so he could guzzle an entire 2 liter on Sunday. Who knows? K decides to calm down and stick to her plan. Besides, Cop Out is waiting.