Family Meetings

I’ve decided we need family meetings. It has come to my attention that my mothering skills need some work, so on Sundays after church we’re having a meeting.

Meeting 1

K: OK, meeting in 15 minutes at the dining room table.

Z: I can’t make it.

K: Oh, why not?

Z: Silence.

K: If I can’t make a meeting, I have to give my boss a good reason.

Since Z can’t think of one, he meets K at the table.

K: OK, I’ll take the minutes. We need a family mission statement.

Z closes his eyes.

Z: Mom, you’re taking this thing too far.

K: OK, OK. How have you been feeling?

Z: Fine.

Z does not want to meet, but perks up a little when the meeting turns to chores and allowances.

Despite the resistance, K thinks the meeting went well.