Can We Learn to Write From Rappers?

For a while now, I’ve been curious about the writing processes of writers, particularly black women. I’ve interviewed Sharon M. Draper, Carole Boston Weatherford, Jacqueline Woodson, and Allison Whittenberg.

Recently, I’ve wondered about lyricists. How do they write? On Fresh Air, *Loretta Lynn was asked how she began writing songs. She simply said she listened to songs, heard the story in them, and decided to writer her own.

Months earlier I was thinking about rappers. I am told Lil’ Wayne says he stopped writing song lyrics on paper because they hindered his creativity. He’d rather hold them in his head and go into the studio ready to record?

And what about Drake? **I had never even heard of him until this year, but it seems he texts/types his songs into a Blackberry.

I don’t know. Is there anything to be learned here?

*Don’t you love the new “Coal Miner’s Daughter” video?
**This should have no reflection on the artist, as I rarely listen to current music.