A Gendered Reading of The Outsiders?

K: Hinton wrote that book when she was a teen.

Z: I know. I wonder why she wrote it from a male perspective.

K: I don’t know.

Z: The male characters often seem girly, feminine.

K: What do you mean?

Z: Some of the things they say and do. They shared the same bed.

K: They’re brothers, and they don’t have much money.

Z: Still. Couldn’t one have laid down with his head up while the other had his feet up?

K: They’re brothers.

Z: Still, I can tell a woman wrote it. No man describes another man that way, “His muscular body….” (He laughs.)

K: I wish I hadn’t told you S.E. is a woman. I wonder if you would have questioned her depiction of males then.

Z: I would have.