Small, Medium, Large

Small, Medium, Large by Jan Monroe Donovan is a wordless picture book. The main character, who is nameless, writes a letter to Santa that explains that she does not want toys this year. Instead, she’d like… (Readers have to look at the pages showing her mailing the letter, creating decorations, and hanging stockings before we find out what she wants, but we don’t mind.)

On Christmas morning, 3 presents (in small, medium, and large boxes) stick out among the others. When the girl opens them, she finds a Siamese cat, a retriever, and a miniature horse. The girl is ecstatic. She and her friends do everything together: sleigh, bake, play, sleep.

The author’s note reminds us that while we’re searching for toys and electronic gadgets, why not keep it simple (but just as significant) and adopt a pet.

Happy Holidays Everyone!