Rita Moreno

I have always liked the way Rita Moreno performed in The Cosby Show and Cosby Mysteries. I even remember when she was in the sitcom Nine to Five. Recently, I read a number of biographical sketches about her and learned interesting things. Here are a few:

1. The Guiness Book of World Records lists Moreno as the only female performer to win each of the four major entertainment industry awards: Oscar (1962), Grammy (1972), Tony (1975), and two Emmys (1977, 1978).

2. She sang and danced in Macy’s Department Store’s children’s theater.

3. She did her first Broadway performance at thirteen as Angelina in Harry Kleiner’s Skydrift.

4. She performed in over thirty movies.

5. She guest starred in a lot of television shows: The Love Boat, Golden Girls, Trapper John, MD, Zorro, and on and on.

6. President George W. Bush awarded Moreno the Medal of Freedom in 2004.

7. President Obama awarded her a National Medal of Arts in 2010.

For an interesting look at Latina/os in films watch The Bronze Screen.