Z's Corner

Hey, guys what’s up? I just read Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by the leader of the free world, Barack Obama. If Obama really wrote this by himself, I must say it’s pretty good and encouraging. I liked the illustrations especially and how everyone he mentioned was drawn as a kid and as an adult doing whatever great thing they did. I recognized all the figures in this book my favorite being Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King’s page read:

       Have I told you that you don’t give up?
      When violence erupted in our nation
      A man named Martin Luther King, Jr.
      taught us unyielding compassion. He
      gave us a dream that all races and creeds would
                                        learn to walk hand in hand. He marched and he prayed and,
                                        one at a time, opened hearts and saw the birth of his dream in us.

I like this passage because it is extremely accurate and I feel the same way about Martin Luther King, Jr. He did many things for not just black people, but Americans as a whole. I believe God sent a man of King’s stature. A big heart and a big soul is what propelled him to be a leader of civil rights and an American icon.

My second favorite was:

Have I told you that you are part of a family?
A man named Abraham Lincoln knew that all of America should work together.
He kept our nation one and promised freedom to enslaved sisters and brothers.
This man of the people, simple and plain, asked more of our country- that we behave as kin.

Abraham Lincoln also is one of my favorite people in American history. If not for him, slavery would have been allowed for longer. He took a stand and said “hey, that’s not right” and he fixed the problem. All in all this was a pretty good picture book.