Z's Corner

Hey everybody. So I meant to review this book Back of the Bus by Aaron Reynolds, but before I got a chance, my mom took it back to the library. I was really mad about how I didn’t get to look at the book to review it, but I’ll just give you all a basic background of what happened. So this young black boy is on the bus with his mother in the back seat and Rosa Parks, yes the Rosa Parks, comes onto the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and sits down in the front.  The boy is looking at Rosa the whole time and when more people come onto the bus he continues to watch her. The bus driver tries to make her move but she refuses just as she did in real life. The whole time the boy is watching in fear. As the police come, he asks his mother if they are in trouble, to which his mother replies, “Be quiet.” The police ask why Rosa won’t move and Rosa just sits firmly. Eventually they arrest her and take her away to jail like in real life. This whole incident is seen through the eyes of this boy who was scared but by the end of the book, his fear is kind of turning into courage to stand up for what is right like Ms. Rosa Parks did.