Boys and Reading

K: Look at this. There’s a new book (I learned later that it wasn’t brand new.). This article (in The Virginian-Pilot) says fourteen-year-old boys aren’t reading much these days, but this one line made them want to read the book. Something about a naked girl.

Z: (Z is busy. He’s rushing to complete a chore so he can get back to X-box.) That’s strange. It isn’t an actual naked girl. Why would that draw them in?

K: They (the folks interviewed by The Virginian-Pilot) say the book is funny and a little crude.

Z: What’s the name of it?

K: Swim the Fly.

Z finally makes it to his room, to his X-box.

K keeps reading the article.

K: Come listen to the first paragraph of the book.

Z reluctantly comes into the dining room.

K: "Movies don’t count," Cooper says. "The Internet -doesn’t count. Magazines don’t count. A real, live naked girl. That’s the deal. That’s our goal for this summer."

Z : Mom, I want that book. (He laughs because now he identifies with the fourteen-year-old boys in the article.)