Schools Really Do A Lot

I am amazed at all of the great stuff Z’s school does to help the students reach beyond themselves and into the community. Through reading the e-mails, driving Z to different places, signing permission slips, and looking at the school’s year in review video, I realize they did a lot. This year alone they made blankets for people in the community and the teachers. They visited convalescence homes, played dodge ball for Operation Smile, helped little kids learn to play sports, and held a charity basketball game for a former student who has cancer. I bet the students in this school got something better than As and Bs, I bet they built character, social skills, and a propensity for contributing to society.

These things are not just happening at Z’s school. They’re happening all across the country. I’m sure doctors lose patients, misdiagnose clients, prescribe the wrong meds, but when you think of doctors in general, you tend to see them as helpful. I wish we talked more about the good teachers do.