What’s in my CD Player?

Betty White’s If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won't) is in my CD player. Betty reads it with feeling and that hint of innocence she gets in her voice even when she's saying something a bit naughty.

I’ve always thought she was funny, but I’ve never read any of her books. The book is short and funny, filled with information about aging, recent movies and television appearances, including SNL, and long running jokes (Think Betty’s comments about Robert Redford). I’ll only mention 1 topic that a reader might not expect Betty White to say much about:


She says writing is her favorite thing to do. It was interesting to hear her read about the hand/heart connection involved in writing longhand. I feel that way, too. Writing will often gush from me, misspelled (and sometimes omitted) words and all when I sit down with a notebook. Yet, when I’m at the computer, I always feel the need to perform, and to perform well, so I often deliberate over each word. White and I also have our love for stationery in common. She says she loves stationery stores and will often buy notebooks and paper even if she doesn’t need them. She says a fresh notebook can free her of writer’s block. If I hoard anything, it’s paper and notebooks. I think they should be positioned at arm distance regardless of where I sit in my house. I’m the same way with pens. I keep several on the window ledge in the bathroom and in pencil holders all about the house. I am extremely annoyed when I get a good idea and the pen I grab, does not work. I toss those immediately because I cannot be bothered. I bet Betty can’t either.