Henry's Heart by Charise Mericle Harper

What Does the Heart Do Besides Love?

Henry Malcolm Webber finds out in this cute, informative book. 

Here's why I like it for the classroom:

1. It explains how Henry's heart does a lot of amazing things for him, and it needs things from him in return, like exercise. 

2. There's a storyline for information and speech bubbles to reveal interactions between Henry and his family. 

3. The page that says Henry’s heart is chatty and shares what the heart would say about itself (e.g., “I'm mostly muscle.”) reminds me of persona/perspective assignments we ask students to engage in. 

For instance, What would a sonnet say about itself? An algebraic equation? A rock? 

This type of activity can involve research and it definitely involves thinking about the features of a concept and writing about them in a way that informs.

Happy Thanksgiving!
That's one more way we use our hearts.