The Short, Short Stories of Dave Eggers

I was grateful to be able to chair a session at NCTE for the Assembly on American Literature called “The American Short Story: Past and Present.”

I sat in on two tables, one was led by my dear friend and longtime supporter of everything I do, including my efforts to blog, Joseph.

Joseph was also one of the keynoters and he read a great micro-story by Dave Eggers from The Short, Short Stories of Dave Eggers.

At his table he asked us to read the title of one of Eggers' stories: “When They Learned to Yelp.”

After we read it, he asked us to jot down what we think of the title. What is yelping?

Next he read aloud the first couple of paragraphs and asked us to make a t-chart. On one side we wrote “How is yelp described?” on the other side we wrote “My yelp.” Then we shared.

He ended by asking for a volunteer to read the last paragraph of the story and discuss if we see the concept of yelping differently.

We never read the entire story, so when I got back to my hotel room I did read it.

I read it because Joseph had piqued my interest with his questions.