Z Discovered Twelve Things to do Before You Crash and Burn

K: It's time for DEAR. What are you reading

Z: A magazine.

K: You read a magazine last time. Try a book this time.

Z: (Silence.)

K: I'm reading several excellent books right now. 

Z: (Exasperated.) Well, you didn't let me see any of them.

K gives the books to Z and goes back to working on NOW.

An hour later...

Z: Mom, I read past 30 minutes. This book is good. I see you only got to page 40. I'm past that.
K: Yes, you passed me.

Two hours later...

Z is in the recliner when K walks into the den.

Z: Mom, this is so funny. Here's this one part when he gets kicked off a farm. You don't know about that do you? I don't want to ruin it for you, but....

Z goes on to tell K the rest of the plot.

Yes, Z isn't reading when K doesn't make good books available to him.

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