Z teaches K how to use the Nook, again and again

Setting: Barnes & Noble

K: (Feeling accomplished.) Look at my new wallpaper.

Z: Use one of your beach pictures.

K: I don’t know how.

Z: (In his teacher voice.) Here, let’s download one from Facebook.

K: Oh, I like it. (She frowns.) I don’t want all of that stuff on my Nook homepage.

Z: Mom, they are your books and apps.

K: (She’s not having it.) I don’t care. I don’t want all of my business on my first page. (She gets up.) I’m going to ask the Nook salesperson how to delete these.

Z: Whoa, Mom, keep it in the family. (He takes the Nook determined to work this problem out for K.) These are your apps. (He holds his finger on each one for a few seconds and chooses the option to hide them.)

K: That’s better. If I want my apps or books, I’ll go to the page where they are. They don’t need to be visible in both places.

K is happy she learned how to get rid of the images on the homepage; the problem had irritated her for a few days.

K: I downloaded solitaire!

Z: (Not impressed.) That’s good, Mom. They are going to charge you for that.

K looks up with more dismay.

K still hasn't read anything longer than a picture book on the Nook and now she's playing games instead of reading.