Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My favorite way to celebrate this holiday is to listen to music and to his speeches. My favorite speech by Dr. King is about the drum major for justice though all of his speeches tend to stir me.

I was enthralled today in church when a lady stood up and urged us to remember Dr. King’s legacy. But not only that, she also urged us to think about his sister, Christine King Farris, an educator who's taught multicultural education at Spelman.

The lady in church continued to talk about her own participation in civil rights efforts, especially having gone to college at my alma mater, North Carolina A&T.

What’s your favorite speech?

What’s your favorite children's book about Dr. King?
Tonya Bolden’s book is nice. I read once that she wanted to capture aspects of his life that weren’t well-treated.

I like Martin's Big Words, too.

How do you celebrate Dr. King’s life?

See Tavis Smiley talking to Ms. Farris upon the 40th anniversary of Dr. King’s death.

I also recommend this clip of Tom Brokaw's interview with Ms. Farris about how her father and brother might have felt about President Obama.

*The music is usually infused with excerpts from his speeches.