Call for “Proposals”

Note: This is copied exactly as I received it in an attempt to get the information to you in the clearest way possible.

Beyond the Textbook : Challenges Facing Today’s Teachers

Deborah Stankevich, author/editor of Getting It in Writing: The Journey to Become Outstanding and Effective Teachers of Writing, is seeking one page “proposals” for a book of proposed personal essays discussing challenges teachers are facing with budget cuts, mandates, and curriculum demands in their classrooms and how they are successfully providing the best possible learning environment for their students and overcoming those challenges by K-12 teachers and teacher educators.

This book will be comprised of 15-20 personal essays in which a select group of highly reflective and outstanding K-12 teachers and teacher educators will discuss the challenges they are facing in the classroom and demonstrate how, through their continuous efforts to develop strategies, programs, and their creative ingenuity, they have successfully overcome those frustrations or barriers. The essay will examine the learning environment as it pertains to the student and the classroom environment as it pertains to the teacher.

All authors are encouraged to reflect on their actual pedagogy as it relates to their classroom and lessons learned throughout their careers, from fellow teachers, educational research and readings, school-based staff development programs, local, state, regional and national conferences and committee work.

The essays, then, will be highly personal but also universal in scope in that they will be addressing educational issues and concerns throughout.

In lieu of a typical paragraph, each potential author is required to submit a one-two (1-2) page(s), single or double spaced, typed outline of his/her challenge(s) faced in today’s classroom, with a thorough examination of the challenge(s) and its impact on the learning environment for the students. Then the author will focus on how that challenge(s) is being met and its success.

The one-two (1-2) page overview proposal should be submitted via attachment (Microsoft Word document) to

The proposals will be critiqued in regard to clarity of writing, unique insights, a clear sense of the struggle/breakthroughs one experienced, a clear sense of the evolution of one’s efforts, and concrete examples of one’s successes.

Deadline for submitting proposals: There is no set deadline. Each proposal that is submitted will be critiqued and a decision made as to acceptance for the project. Once 20 “proposals” are accepted, no more proposals will be considered.

Deadline for submitting completed essays: Once an author’s proposal” has been accepted, he/she will have a full five months from the date of acceptance to complete his/her essay.

Questions regarding any aspect of this project should be directed to Deborah Stankevich at